What is cool roofing?

What is cool roofing, and how do you make sure your standing seam metal roof design meets energy requirements?

In episode 3 of the Standing Seam Metal Roof Design Series, the Sheffield team talks cool roofing, SRI values, emissivity, and what that means for your metal roof design. Between standards set up by LEED and Energy Star, there’s several considerations when thinking about paint choice, system type, profile selection, underlayment, and much more. Watch this video to get an understanding of cool roofing principles and learn common terminology related to the topic.

Episode topics include:
►Cool Roofing
►Initial Solar Reflectance
►Paint Systems

Note that SRI is stated in whole numbers, while ISR is stated using decimals. This video includes LEED’s SRI requirements and Energy Star’s ISR requirements. Adam’s information at 4:22 is correct, however the graphic should read “Steep Slope: 39” and “Low Slope: 82”.

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